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Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect you with your soulmate. We select the most qualified candidates based on your criteria.
WHY MATCHMAKING: It saves you time and money on unsuccessful dates, through PS Matchmaking you find you ideal mate as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

What can Matchmaking do for you?

Step 1 ​​

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Simply register on our website to begin the process

Step 2

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Assessments and interview are done to determine the most compatible mate for you. We discover your preferences and deal breakers. This is where we get to know you on a personal level.

Step 3

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We search our extenstive database to find your ideal matches

Step 4

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After each date, you will receive a debriefing with a member of your team to review your date in detail

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Do you find yourself too busy to date?


Meet Like Minded Individuals

We use our expert knowledge and experience to pair you with like-minded individuals to increase your chances of finding your match.

Engage in Healthier Relationships

We offer effective relationship coaching that will help ensure you're in relationships that are healthy for both you and your partner.



What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Kimberly McGowan is one of the best authorities on love and relationships as she works PS Professional Singles."

    "Kimberly McGowan is one of the best authorities on love and relationships as she works PS Professional Singles."

    Wanda Williams

Ways To Become A Member

Fee based and free affiliate programs. As an affiliate you will be eligible to be matched with on of our clients. Or you can become a client. As a Client you have a proactive custom search done on your behalf.

Who We Are

 JOIN US - To find your soulmate!


Someone, Somewhere is looking for you - Building true love story connections 
Our intent is to bring quality singles together through personalized matchmaking.


Are you a “great catch” are you READY to meet quality singles?

Our process begins with a screening of every member that applies each person will connect with a
member of our staff.

Join our agency and increase your possibilities for your TRUE LOVE!
There are THREE initial memberships options to choose from to begin!
Payment plan options available


The Affiliate: $1,195
Would you like to be on our pre-approved list of Eligible Singles ready to
be introduced to our Private Matchmaking clients? We would love to get to
know you better and add your profile to our Exclusive Membership Directory.
When you catch the attention of our clients we will contact you directly.
Enjoy limited access to discover your love match, while we actively promote
you to our private clients.

 Your Affiliate Membership Includes:Profile, Coaching Session, Matchmaking
Database Placement, and more.

Professional: $4,995
The deluxe approach to Matchmaking- this process includes deluxe
coaching, personality compatibility assessment, dating feedback and grants
you select access to exclusive events, seminars and much more……

Premiere: $9,995
The distinguished approach to Matchmaking -this process includes

premiere coaching, image consultation, concierge services and grants you
premiere access to private events, seminars and much more.......


Initial Matchmaking consultation - 90 Minutes $150




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Who is Matchmaking for?

'Where Successful People Create Successful Matches'

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Our professional matchmaking services are design for professionals with busy lifestyles. We do the leg work for you so you still have time for your career.We provide professional image consulting to help you make the right impression.


All information is confidential - Options to enroll in membership programs.